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Contact Mic
The current accessories that we offer are the contact mic and the rent a zephyr.
Contact Mic

We have teamed up with EnSoul to offer these magnetic contact mics.
They are great for amplifying your handpan for live performance/busking
or to add effects and extra volume at home.
They really enhance finger slaps if you are feeling percussive!
The Pickup is passively powered, plug your amp or effects board into the
1/4-inch female jack. Simply place and play on any of your handpans
(as long as they are magnetic).

The demonstration video below uses the contact mic
plugged directly into a 'Roland Cube Street'. 
The overall sound is recorded with a pair of 'Rode NT5' mics.
So this is what you can hear in the room as a listener.

Please let us know if you would like to reserve one.
They are £89.95 plus £9.95 shipping anywhere in Europe.

Padded carrying case and magnetic jack mount for easy setup are included.
Rent A Zephyr
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