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Proudly manufactured in the UK
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Our vision
Here at Zephyr Handpans, based in Hampshire, we have been studying this art form since 2014. We have been learning everyday since then and will continue to learn until we stop building. It is simply a never ending exploration and development exercise.
Decisions need to be made at each stage of manufacture: material, heat treatment temperatures, times and cooling rates, size of notes, size of dimples, note layouts, tuning methods and so many more.

Each decision is like a fork in the road. Every one that we have made was intended to produce a handpan with a very soft touch and a warm sound.
We are not fond of the 'tinny' metallic sound that one can get.
We are not looking for a clean sterile instrument; we are looking for something with character and soul.

Each one is very individual!

So not all instruments turn out as we would like. These instruments do not leave the workshop! They will either be scrapped or retuned into a different scale that works (or sometimes donated to somewhere worthy).

This makes it difficult to predict the waiting period for a Zephyr. It may need to be built more than once or one may pop into existence unplanned.
However, it does mean that we only ship quality instruments that we would be happy to play ourselves. 

Our vision is simply to produce quality individual instruments that have character and soul. We only let go of the ones we love!
We want to make something for you that you will want to keep forever. 

Whether you are new to the world of handpans or a seasoned pro, we wish you handpan joy!

Choosing a pan
If you are new to handpans, choosing one can be a minefield. Please do your research before choosing one. It could save you a lot of money and eventual disappointment. 

If it helps, we specialise in long sustain instruments. We are known for our super deep F2 series and our ability to tune ding shoulder tones into even the deepest dings (central note). We currently only build instruments from 'Ember' Steel. The best way to find out what you are looking for is to come and try them out in person. We realise that is not always possible. So we have prepared videos for you to watch and listen to. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help choosing your instrument.
Available Now
Available now

Please listen with headphones when choosing an instrument.

It really helps!

ZEPHYR - C# Natural Minor 10+1

C#) [F# G#] A B C# E F# G# A B

£1595 + shipping 

This instrument is made from Ember steel.

Price includes Zephyr carry case.

Please email 'Dean' at if you have further questions or would like to buy it.

ZEPHYR - E2 Natural Minor

E2) [E F#] G A B [C] D E F# G A 

The ding has dual shoulder tones (A and G).


£1795 + shipping 

This instrument is made from Ember steel. 

Price includes Zephyr carry case.

Please email 'Dean' at if you have further questions or would like to buy it.

ZEPHYR - E Minor (Kurd) 10+1

E) [F# G] B C D E F# G A B (C6 shoulder tone). 

£1595 + shipping.

This handpan is made in the UK from 1mm Ember steel.

Price includes Zephyr carry case.

Please email 'Dean' at if you have further questions or would like to buy it.


ZEPHYR - D Celtic Minor (Amara) 10+1

D) [F G] A C D E F G A C

£1595 + shipping

This instrument is made from 1mm 'Ember' steel.

Price includes Zephyr carry case.

Please email 'Dean' at if you have further questions or would like to buy it.

Shipping & Prices
Shipping & prices

Depending upon where you are in the world, you may have import duty/taxes to pay. This is the responsibility of the customer to find out what they may be and to pay them when you receive your instrument.

There is still a free trade agreement in place between the U.K and the EU. So there is no import duty. However, VAT is now charged at the receivers national rate when you receive the instrument.

Each instrument comes with a custom made carry case specifically designed for the Zephyr (has 20mm foam all around) and a Zephyr branded T-shirt.
Estimated Shipping Fees:
UK -£50
Europe - £95
Australia - £350
USA - £225
China - £290
Standard case
(Red Or Black)
Namana case
(£70 additional charge)
Contact Us
Contact us
We realise that potential buyers want as much information as possible about their Handpan. Choosing a pan is difficult! Contact us to enquire about our handpans and services via the methods below.
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